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Writing a university application letter

          Broadly, an application essay is a written testimony an applicant sends to a committee for review and evaluation. The evaluators use this essay to achieve a better understanding of the applicant in order to determine whether the applicant is able to understand their system, benefit from it or even help improve it. By revising the essay, they are able to determine how favourable and competent the applicant really is. These essays show the degree of organisation an applicant is capable of achieving in many different fields. Therefore, an application essay ought not be taken lightly but instead, should be considered just as important as a formal job interview.     

          When writing a university admission essay it is important that you understand the audience that will receive your essay before drafting it. This will help you choose the style you are to use in the context of your work and consequently ease tension build up that would otherwise make your essay dull and boring to read. It is key, to successful application essay writing, that you let the words flow progressively without interruptions, which normally dispel the attention of the evaluators from what might have have been an interesting read.

          For the purpose of having a good impression, you must ensure that you adhere to the rules stipulated. Keep an eye on word counts and be keen on dead-lines so as not to attract disdain from your evaluators. A late entry and jargon within your essay will minimise the time that the evaluator will spend reading it. Remember to strongly display your desire for the institution while writing your essay. Give solid reasons why that institution is without a doubt the most suitable for a person of your talent, skill and prospect. Also display all your unique traits; anything you think will be considered as one worth nurturing or harnessing. Remember, your main aim is to make the cut for admission and their reasons for admitting you need not be a bother to you.

          Be positive, creative and persuasive. Do not exhibit weakness when writing a high quality admission essay or show any form of inadequacy in your essay. Focus on your achievements instead of mistakes. If a mistake led to an achievement, do not inform the evaluator about the mistake as you do not know whether it will be considered a common mistake or a stupid one.

          Finally, as you are writing, exercise caution. Ensure you are familiar with the contents of your essay and nothing in it can be considered morally oppressing or socially lacking. If, for example, you were a Christian leader before, do not include ‘building a chapel far away from the noisy Muslim brethren’ as an achievement. Tread carefully on matters that might be considered socially delicate or better yet refrain from addressing such issues completely.    

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