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How To Help Kids Deal Step Parent Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that can happen to any one regardless of their age or gender. Every human being does go through any unwanted or difficult situations in their life, including, Children.

Children are also among the people today suffering from depression. Though causes of depression are still a mystery, most people attribute their rise to extremely traumatic incidents that happened in person’s life. Memories of hard times keep recurring in their mind, thus overpowering them with negative emotion such as sadness, grief, and guilt.

When there is death in family or a divorce taking place between parent children can get as much affected as any normal human. The children are unable to understand the situation and could not adjust themselves.

Children are not exception to depression, they also face situation in their life where they are unable to handle complex scenarios. Especially when they see parent divorce, they get distracted emotionally and feel very alone and lonely. It is during such phase they risk getting depression.

This leads them to get completely devastated much similar to how older men and women experience. Parents get remarried and in process new step parent replaces them. In such cases, it is difficult for children to accept them as their own father or mother.

Their life is shattered in to pieces, they are not ready to accept step parent, making them more depressed. Kids get so much tense and strife that they are unable to concentrate on their regular activities children of their age do. They began to stay alone, eat less, withdraw from any leisure activities and do not talk to their step parents.

Children cannot think of accepting new parent as their own. They cannot even live without their original parent for even single, let alone accepting new parents. Often, during divorce, children are neglected which is why they are rising cases of kids committed suicide or run away from home.

They take such extreme steps, as they cannot remove depression from their life. Nor is any parent paying any attention to their suffering. This makes them more dishearten and tend to make them feel they are un required or unworthy.

How to prevent your children running in to depression. This can happen if they are facing any extreme stress on their mind. Such as stress is result out put of any current issue that they are not happy or do not accept as valid proposition.

It is necessary for divorced parents to sit down with their children and explain your point of view. Do not bring to discussion any bad talk, each others past mistakes, or getting angry at each other. The point is parent need to convey their valid reason for moving away from their children.

By telling them your reason to part ways, you are letting kids know that it is alright to accept new parents. Although, children will never feel this way completely. But this talk with children can bring stability in their life.

Besides, new parent also need to reassure kids that they are not replacing their former parents. This can be done by communicating with them on an Open and honest level. I agree it is not possible to replace a person who has died or divorced parent who has moved away. Children still have their picture on their mind, which by all means is not going to change swiftly and they will take their time accepting new parents.

But if step parents try spending time with them and doing thing together such as going to zoo, or playing park can help them get to know you. When they begin to understand you, they will come more open and talk honestly with you.

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